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JAAOS Unplugged

Aug 15, 2021

• Host Stephanie Pearce, MD
• Guest interviewee Jacob Tulipan, MD, discussing his review article “Baseball Injuries of the Hand and Wrist” from the August 1, 2021 issue
• Article summarized from August 1 issue (
o Research article “Immediate Weight Bearing of Plated Both-Bone Forearm Fractures using Eight Cortices Proximal and Distal to the Fracture in the Poly-Trauma Patient is Safe”
• Articles summarized from August 15 issue (
o Review article “Musculoskeletal Considerations for Exercise and Sport: Before, During, and After Pregnancy”
o Research article “Utilization of a Standard Care Pathway Decreases Costs of Ankle Fracture Management”

Follow this link to download these and other articles from the August 1, 20201 issue of JAAOS ( and the August 15, 20201 issue of JAAOS (
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