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JAAOS Unplugged

Oct 15, 2021

Host Stephanie Pearce, MD
Guest interviewee Alpesh Patel, MD, MBA, FAAOS, discussing his review article “Private Equity and its Emergence in Orthopaedics” from the October 15, 2021 issue
Article summarized from October 1 issue (
Review article “Preoperative Peripheral Nerve Blocks in Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery: A Guide to Diagnosis-based Treatment”
Articles summarized from October 15 issue (
Review article “Osteosarcoma: An Evolving Understanding of a Complex Disease”
Research article “Conversion to Total Hip Arthroplasty After Hip Arthroscopy – A Cohort-Based Survivorship Study with a Minimum of 2-Year Follow-up”

Follow this link to download these and other articles from October 1, 20201 issue of JAAOS ( and the October 15, 20201 issue of JAAOS (
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